The Wheatsheaf Inn

The Wheatsheaf Inn

The Wheatsheaf is at the heart of the beautiful flint downland village of Willingdon. the first of a chain of such villages stretching the length of the south downs. Originally two flint cottages, the pub has over the centuries been modified and extended to give us the old English pub, full of charm and character that is enjoyed by so many today.

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<h1>The Wheatsheaf Inn</h1>

Let's get Quizzical...

As you know, we have a regular quiz night every Tuesday from 8.30 but what you may not know is that it's SO MUCH FUN. If you've not quizzed with us before then I would absolutely urge you to give it a go. We're open to suggestions... I have been told that it can go on a touch, considering it's on a school night, so we try to finish at around 10.30, other suggestions of an interpretive dance round and a "Noel's House party" style gunging for the losing team are being considered.
To the right are some stunning artists impressions of occasional Quizzmaster Martin Hughes....the likeness is uncanny.
Come along and join in the fun!

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Jam Night!

Pop along to our Jam Night every Wednesday from 8:30pm. We have a different host each week, each with their own special talents and each with years of experience and a huge repertoire. Our hosts are: DAVE DOWLING from Howlin' Blues. Dave is an amazing blues harmonica player and though not his first instrument he plays a pretty mean blues guitar too, of course blues is always a good place to start for a good jam and Dave is always up for a jam with visiting musicians.
TERRY LEES. Terry is an award winning internationally known Acoustic guitarist and Guitar Teacher. As well as a busy performance schedule he is an inspirational teacher giving acoustic guitar lessons in Eastbourne and helping countless people to learn to play guitar. You're always assured of some good music and great playing if you are here to play.


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great food

Jackie Edwards

I spent a late summer’s afternoon searching for a decent pub in Eastbourne.


Very friendly atmosphere, you can come here and be guaranteed to see a friendly face.

Alexandra Stanley

The pub has a great feel with a vast selection of alcoholic beverages.

Dean Buckley

A lovely quaint little pub in a lovely little village.

Joanne Sansom

Always something going on at The Wheatsheaf! 10 out of 10 - Not a bad word to say!!!

Harry Gent

Great pub

Adrian Davis

Lovely pub

Rex Ward

We've found a great new place.

Frances Clark

 Thanks for visiting The Wheatsheaf Inn
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