The Wheatsheaf Inn

<h1>Jam Night</h1>

Jam Night

Weekly Jam Night hosted by our resident musicians 🎸
Pop down to perform or simply enjoy varied music in a fun & welcoming atmosphere. Free entry!

The Wheatsheaf Quiz Night

Weekly Quiz Night hosted by Aaron at the Wheatsheaf inn 💡
Test your general knowledge!
Cash prizes for 1st & 2nd place winners & a bottle of wine for 3rd place.
£1 to enter 😀
<h2>The Wheatsheaf Quiz Night</h2>
Available Now
Harvey''s Sussex Best Bitter


Skinners Betty Stogs


Pure UBU


Harvey's Old Ale


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great food

Jackie Edwards

I spent a late summer’s afternoon searching for a decent pub in Eastbourne.


Very friendly atmosphere, you can come here and be guaranteed to see a friendly face.

Alexandra Stanley

The pub has a great feel with a vast selection of alcoholic beverages.

Dean Buckley

A lovely quaint little pub in a lovely little village.

Joanne Sansom

Always something going on at The Wheatsheaf! 10 out of 10 - Not a bad word to say!!!

Harry Gent

Great pub

Adrian Davis

Lovely pub

Rex Ward

We've found a great new place.

Frances Clark

 Thanks for visiting The Wheatsheaf Inn
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