The Wheatsheaf Inn Wheatsheaf has been without a pub sign for quite a few months now, doubtless you’ve noticed. The old one faded to the point where it could no longer be read.
So we need a new sign. How would you like your design to be up there for all to see for the rest of eternity - well possibly the life of the pub anyway. Here’s your chance. This is an open competition so anyone can enter, there are two categories, under 16 and everyone else, the winner from each category will have their design displayed on one side of the sign. The sign will then be hung proudly above the door for all to see.
Pub signs are a 2,000 year old history of the country, it’s people, events, trades, good deeds and bad. They used to be a lot more detailed in days gone by but as transport improved and travellers passed by much quicker, the signs became simpler to give a more instant impact. We are not on a main road so a detailed design would be completely acceptable. Your design could relate to the past when Willingdon was a remote rural community, it could reference famous people that have influenced the village but it should at least give a flavour of what the pub is today and what it means to the local community now, that too will become part of the history that others will relate to in years to come.
Technical stuff:
The actual sign is made of sheet aluminium, its dimensions are 700mm wide x 850mm tall. The artwork you provide for judging can be scaled down but must conform to the same proportions i.e., width = height x 0.824 and must not be smaller than A4 in size.
Your design can be prepared by any process in any medium but it must be submitted to the pub in full colour by 1st December 2015 for judging.
Production of the sign. The pub will cover the cost of transferring the winning designs to the sign, however, there may be circumstances where the winning submission is a painting and the winner wishes to hand paint the design onto the sign, or the design may have 3D elements, these would have to be provided by the winning contestant, in such instances the pub will cover the cost of materials only. Also it may be necessary to interpret the design in as sympathetic a way as possible to achieve the designers aims in a practical and affordable way.
All designs will be submitted without terms or copyright.
Computer designs should be done at 200dpi and at the full finished size of the sign. We must still have a hard copy submission as described above.
You must register your name on the website ( under the customer section or come into the pub and leave your details with the bar staff. We need to know as soon as possible that you are intending to submit a design.
Judging. We are working hard to secure a well qualified and well known person to judge the competition but it is too early at this stage to confirm who that might be or when that will be so please bear with us and keep informed through the website. Register now and receive email updates.                                           Good luck!
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great food

Jackie Edwards

I spent a late summerís afternoon searching for a decent pub in Eastbourne.


Very friendly atmosphere, you can come here and be guaranteed to see a friendly face.

Alexandra Stanley

The pub has a great feel with a vast selection of alcoholic beverages.

Dean Buckley

A lovely quaint little pub in a lovely little village.

Joanne Sansom

Always something going on at The Wheatsheaf! 10 out of 10 - Not a bad word to say!!!

Harry Gent

Great pub

Adrian Davis

Lovely pub

Rex Ward

We've found a great new place.

Frances Clark

 Thanks for visiting The Wheatsheaf Inn
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